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IDOL PRODUCER :  PPAP - Group A  Performance Ver.
Review of KUN Cai's handsome-cute "PPAP" show 蔡徐坤帅萌舞台《PPAP》回顾欣赏 iQIYI
Idol Producer Group Evaluation: Cai Xukun Cam 《PPAP》
偶像练习生 Idol Producer - PPAP【A组 Group A】認聲+歌詞 Color Coded CHNENGPIN
IDOL PRODUCER : PPAP - Group B  Performance Ver.
 ENG SUBS  IdolProducer 偶像练习生 ' PPAP TEAM A' practice
ENG Idol Producer Behind the Scenes: Trainees various ways to relax, watches Peppa Pig together
ENG Idol Producer EP5 Exclusive Preview: PPAP group 'fight for red packet' big battle
Review how YWY PD KUN performed Jackson Wang's"Papillon" 回顾蔡徐坤版《巴比龙》舞台 偶像练习生Idol Producer  iQIYI
PPAP Remix ver. -  Idol Producer Teem A

PPAP Remix ver. - Idol Producer Teem A...

JK_OP Jeon 10 February 2018
Idol Producer Group Evaluation: Qian Zhenghao Cam 《PPAP》
Lisa dance PPAP idol producer ver. 👍with @caixukun❤️#blackpink #lisa #caixukun
ENG Idol Producer EP4 Behind the Scenes: PPAP Group Leader Is Born
Idol Producer Justin & Cai Xukun & NongNong - PPAP
Wang Zi Yi - Papillon INDO SUB  Idol Producer  iQIYI Indonesia
What you Didn't notice  PPAP Idol Producer

What you Didn't notice PPAP Idol Producer...

Pineapple Mother 24 February 2018
ENG Idol Producer EP8 Exclusive Preview:  Yuehua's "Face Mask Ghosts" appear
Idol Producer Group Evaluation: Wang Ziyi Cam 《PPAP》
Ppap idol producer mirror

Ppap idol producer mirror...

alina pak 08 May 2018
ENG Idol Producer Behind the Scenes: Are the trainees following the rules in the dorm?
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